Friday, 2 October 2009

Uni Work: Wintle S/S 2010 London Fashion Week Menswear Day Review

“Taking a cool dip”

Let’s be honest in summer being tucked into a suit, can be a sweaty affair. The energy it takes getting into one quickly turns into heat, the suit itself feels like the centre of the sun. Finding a cool suit is a task within itself. Looking at Menswear Day collections at London Fashion Week, it seems Wintle may have an answer for us. Light dyed constructed suits, with fabrics such as linen, organza and silk. With his tailoring skills acquired from shadowing a Savile Row tailor, the suits are constructed with immaculate detail and clean cuts enhancing the masculine silhouette with old world sophistication. Dip-dying the suits was the order of the day, in an array of colours from pink, grey and blue fading into glacially into white. But suits weren’t the only pieces in the collection, with patterned shorts, satin shirts and sheer tank tops. The collection evoked a relaxed and blasé tone within the rigidity of formality.

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