Monday, 12 October 2009

[Stuff I Forgot To Post]Dolce and Gabbana Menswear Spring Summer 2010

Despite the gloom of the recession, extravagance and sparkle are about to become a hit with men next summer. It seems adding sparkle and shine, maybe what we need to get over these trying times. In Milan, Domenico and Stefano are the catalysts of this shimmering movement with their Menswear collection. A collection strewn with embroidered blazers bejewelled with beads and rhinestones. Having a piece from this collection ensures making a statement with such crisp tailored suits. One thing Domenico and Stefano do well, is knowing how to dress a man and accentuate the male form. You had models clad in either black or white trunks showing off their chiselled physique. On the other hand a Savile Row gentlemen, in a sharp and clean cut blazer reminiscent of a flowing ying and yang pattern. While on the other hand, an urbanite dressed in slashed up jeans and a silk shirt. Maybe recession is on their mind with these jeans, in their use of less fabric. For accessories, D&G took clutches and placed them in a man hands- the man clutch. A relationship that seems to work with a touch of reptile skin. Even bath robes were jazzed up with beads and sequins, suggesting that one could look good while picking up the milk in the morning. Winter chunky knit jumpers were poked and dropped, allowing them to be light and airy, yet still warm enough for the summer night cold. Taking inspiration from their native province Sicily, it’s apparent this was a collection very close to home. The collection couldn’t look anymore like its designers, with such theatrical extravagance, each of these pieces seem to represent the spirit of Domenico and Stefano.The collection does however beg the question; with the masculinity of the silhouette are men ready to add glitter to their wardrobe, much like female counterparts?

The blazers are sensational !!!!


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