Friday, 2 October 2009

Uni Work: Carolyn Massey S/S 2010 London Fashion Week Menswear Day Review

“Quintessentially English”

Come rain come shine, fashion will always provide something to wear for all seasons. And for the summer season for men, it seems the Mac coat and nylon windbreakers we will use this winter, should also be on the ready for our rain-filled English summers. With Carolyn Massey’s collection giving a firm salute to the concept of reusable fashion. For the collection she took inspiration from the film Heroes of Telemark (based on the true story of Norwegian heavy water sabotage in WWII), and a camping trip to Dungeness. It’s not hard to see that wearing one of her coats will definitely combat any risk of getting wet. The collection focuses on old English men’s classics such as mackintoshes, brogues and diamond patterned socks. With a palette of darker colours such as navy blue, brown and black. She mixes them well the chino shorts and trousers, german army troddles and chukka boots. By looking at the collection it evokes a sense of a overcoming the wonders of nature, that being man’s constant battle with the weather.

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